Immortal Dogs

People,lives,experiences are in frozen time…The dog is always immortal.

Cracks unseen.. Irreparable..

Walk down a street..Wherever in the world..Be it a crowded market place in the heart of a the streets under Charminar..Or the walkway of a suspension Bridge..The footpath on a residential colony..or the terraced and flowered walkways of an IT Company..

People walking with you..People smiling,talking..Some angry..Some sad..People on their lunch breaks..and people just out for walks..

They smile and laugh..They talk about movies and work, friends and family..Cars and bikes..politicians and actors..

Observe them..Then you see that their minds are somewhere else..They are with lost loved ones, broken promises..echoes of unsaid words..unhealed wounds..

Cracks across their hearts..Yet they walk on..Time does not heal wounds..Minds are afraid and push them to the corners where they will not be seen..or heard of..

It is not cowardice that stops these is the prospect of widening the cracks..of breaking what is already fragile..

A genuine smile..true happiness from such..A few moments to forget what is always there and what will always return..

A few moments of living free of pain..of Just happiness..


Falling Down..And waking up..

If you dug a hole right beneath where you stand..If you could dig all the way to the other side..Would you come out in the middle of the United States of America. Nope, its not about the country..Its about achieving red tape less travel..Jump into the hole on this side and pop out over there..Did we not think of this when we were little..Travel almost anywhere..all you need is a  shovel, a pick and a stout bit of stop gravity from pushing all the way to the stratosphere on the other side..

Come to think of it..One could achieve Escape Velocity like this probably..Intergalactic Travel at its cheapest..Ah!..But you would need a towel now..Why?..because Douglas Adams advocates that there should always be a towel..You never know when you would need a towel..

Why do adults behave like kids at times?.. I’m not talking about the tantrums or petty fights.. I’m talking about jumping in rainwater puddles..laughing aloud while rolling down the street on a motorbike..Wanting to buy a Nerf gun in the local Supermarket..Why do we shut the kid up inside of us?..Why do we not buy Nerf Guns..Why do we buy Bedsheets and pillow covers instead?..

Why do kids become adults sometimes?..Why is childhood stolen?..Why is it so sad for a kid to become an adult?..

Why do we laugh at them when they look for childhood when they are older?..


Which unbelievably huge,egoistic,shitheaded fool defined “Maturity” ??


Biscuits for Alexander..

There is a Tea Stall near my apartment. Every morning I walk over to the stall for my newspaper and a glass of strong Tea. There’s a tiny shed at the back of the Tea stall where me and my friend sit and have our tea while reading the newspaper and cursing the antics of our nation’s esteemed ministers.At the absolute back of the shed sits Alexander. Not the Alexander you’re thinking about. Not the one who was from Macedon and conquered most of the civilized world. The Alexander I’m talking about is brown,furry and walks about on four legs. And he would be terribly insulted if you thought he was a cat. He hates cats. More than he hates Xerxes who sits at the Chinese restaurant across the street. 

About Alexander.He is a very polite dog.He does not expect tidbits, does not beg and does not try to bite people. He sits at his place in the shed and gives amazingly insightful stares at everyone who enters the shed. I for one always wish him a good morning. I would love to tell you that he responds in kind with a look that says “Good Morning to you too Sir.May this day bring to you utmost good fortune and lot of Bones..”. The proper doggie greeting of course. But he does not. He just ignores me.

Every Saturday I have biscuits at the Tea shop. Alexander of course does not have tea. But whenever I have biscuits, I’m sure to give him one. He does not eat it like a savage. He is a well mannered Gentledog. He breaks the biscuit into tiny pieces and eats them one by one. I get him a biscuit every Saturday.

Last weekend, I went to the tea stall. And I did not see Alexander in his usual place. I looked around for him near the Chinese eatery to see if he had gotten into a fight with Xerxes. He wasn’t there either. I went up to the shed and sat down and had my tea. I was a little worried though. When I was paying for the Tea, I saw him. He was sitting on the top of a stairway beside the Tea Stall. I called to him, and he came. I was surprised, he had never bothered to acknowledge me before. He used to just eat the Biscuit show me his furry butt. He came and rested his head on my knee. I put my hand over his head and stroked him behind the ears. Then he sat back beside my leg until I paid. I saw his face and he had that look.

I see you.

I know you.



The Escape

I was at lunch on Friday afternoon when I had this brainwave. How would it be if I just escaped? I would throw away my cellphone, my plastic cards and just go where the road takes me.

I mean, what is it that we do everyday? Wake up in the morning, go to the office and work. Work on a system that we will never use,to be sold to a client who we will never see, to use in a business that we know nothing about. We follow the same routine,the same course of action everyday. Its almost robotic, mechanical,zombie-like.

They ask us in interviews.Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line? Lets talk about 40 years down the line. You are in the same business, maybe not the same company.The only difference is that you are sitting behind a glass wall in a cabin. You will be assigning work to people to be done on a system they will never use,to be sold to a client who they will never see, to use in a business that they know nothing about. You will come home to your family, whine about your colleagues and make loans and struggle to give your children an education so that they may work in similar if not the same company. You don’t even remember the last time you went out somewhere just for the hell of it. Because you cant do something like that. There are a hundred sticky tape lines that hold you back.

I want to die happy. I don’t want to lie on a crummy hospital bed thinking that I could have seen the world. I could have seen all those mountains,valleys,lakes.Blue skies and Milford sounds and what not. There is only one life and I spent it going to and fro to the office.Sitting at a desk and tapping keys on a keyboard. This is a scary thought. If you think the way I do. I don’t want my only outing to be Seychelles which is the preferred honeymoon spot these days at it brings out great pics on Facebook.(YuuuuuuuuuCK!!!!).

So this is what I planned. One fine day, 5 years from now. I will throw away my cellphone, my plastic cards, and everything that goes with it. I’l walk across to the bus stand and pick the first bus that comes out. I’l get on it and go as far as it takes me. I’l do that over and over again till I have seen most of the world. Or all of it, which is impossible. Or is it?.

Now comes the depressing part. All of the above is impossible. As we grow older, we get responsibilities. These chain us.To people, to places,to duties. For good or for bad, I’ve not lived enough to know.

But let the guy have his dreams I say.

Hello world!

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